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Correction Policy

Rozana Spokesman Correction’s Policy is to inform you about the procedures we follow in rectifying any inaccurate information published on our website. We acknowledge our responsibility to our readers and commit to promptly correcting errors and informing you accordingly.

  • We endeavour to deliver accurate news reports based on all available information, promptly correcting any errors upon detection. As a digital platform, we transparently address corrections ensuring clarity for our readers.

  • If a reader identifies an error and posts it in the comment section, our community engagement team acknowledges the correction within the comments and we promptly correct any erroneous information we have shared.

  • If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please contact the editorial team via comment section that appears at the end of every web-story that is published. You can also mail us at hello@rozanaspokesman.com

  • We don't accept take-down requests as per our editorial policy. If there are claims of inaccuracy, we investigate and may issue a correction. For updates or follow-ups, we assess editorial action but do not remove articles.